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Fishing for trout in southern NZ.BOOKINGS


I recommend that you book as far ahead as possible in order to secure your preferred dates. To confirm bookings a 33% non refundable deposit is required. This is to make a solid commitment and the balance payable on the the guiding day. Please contact me with your preferred dates and I will confirm your booking and arrange for any payment.




$800 one person full day $850 two people  - 2 people max 
Over-night camping trips are an extra $150 per person per night, staying in tents or huts, depending on the situation.
Package trips can be arranged.

*Note: This does not include the cost of your fishing license.
Multi day discounts for more than 3 days - for any information please contact me today.  



Fly casting lessons are now available, some of the lesson will be off the water (were there are less distractions) and when I'm confident you are up to it we can then move to a river were you'll learn some stream craft and finer points of the art (Gore district only) $100 2 hrs min then $50 per hr for anything after that. (will travel if needed but will have to add travel on top)



I been fly tying for over 25 years and have learnt a few things so I'm now offering a fly tying clinic. Usually it's best if I come to you and work with you and your materials. Gore district mostly but will travel if needed $50 an hr plus travel if any, 



Due to New Zealand's sometimes harsh climate there may be a time when, for safety reasons, fly fishing is not possible. If such a day does occur then that day's deposit will be refunded. 

If you cancel within 30 days of the date you have booked you are still required to pay the full balance unless you can find a replacement angler to fill your spot.