Flyfish the South

Experience the very best in southern New Zealand fly fishing...

Equipment requirements.

Clothing required for fly fishing in the southAll people who fish NZ rivers must purchase a fishing license from Fish and Game New Zealand. These are available from most sports shops and selected service stations. License durations vary from one day to a full season.

Clothing: A sunhat is essential as the sun in NZ can be harsh. I personally prefer a wide brimmed sunhat. Sunscreen and lip protection is also a must. A water and wind proof jacket , even in the peak of summer, is recommended - you can never know what mother nature has in store.

You will need a range of warm clothing which should not be bright in colours (dull or earthy tones recommended). In my experience, light, quick drying, nylon polypropylene undergarments can not be beaten if the temperature is cold. As mentioned above a warm jacket or polar fleeces is a requirement.

When wading I wear light coloured fishing pants, long johns, and felt sole studded wading boots with gravel guards. Some people prefer to wear waders, and I have found the most comfortable to be those made from light GORE-tex.

Sun glasses: These are also a must, polaroids with amber lenses being number one on my list. They aid sight fishing and suit most NZ weather conditions.

Fishing equipment: 9ft rod 5-6 weight forward or double-tapered floating line of dull colour preferably, with at least fifty metres of backing line (again, this will suit most fishing conditions).

What you need for fly fishing.What I supply:

A cooked barbeque lunch or a cut lunch if preferred. Refreshments include soft or fizzy drinks, tea, coffee, Milo, and water.

I have 4x4 transport to pick you up from your accommodation and take you back again when the day is finished.

I also have fly rods for use if you do not have your own. All flies and leaders to suit the local rivers and conditions. However, I do ask if any rod is broken or damaged it is replaced.

Last but not least, I offer a reliable friendly service with my number one aim to make sure your trip is enjoyable, safe, and fun.